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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fan viewership has exploded across North America together with the industry pioneer being the UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship. With the phenomenal growth of MMA, we also have seen a growth in gambling options on MMA since Sportsbooks attempt to satisfy the betting demand by the general public. Why wager your friend at even odds on a lopsided struggle when you get accurate chances at a Sportsbook and fantastic payouts by betting on the underdog.
How to Bet on MMA?
Most online Sportsbooks will post lines on MMA beneath their Sportsbook merchandise class. You would then search to get MMA lines. Many books who post lines around the UFC will even carry lines on other major MMA organizations such as Affliction, Fantasy, WEC, EliteXC or any particular MMA PPV occasions. As long as there’s a requirement the major online Sportsbooks will post gambling lines.
A MMA lineup (known as a betting line) is posted as a Moneyline odds in American Odds. A Moneyline bet means that you are choosing who’ll win the battle. The payout odds will be displayed in American Odds. The significant online Sportsbooks will provide you a choice to display chances in American, European or Fractional.
For example, UFC Ultimate Fight Night 14 Line displayed in American Odds:
Anderson Silva -500
James Irvin + 350
The betting line indicates that Anderson Silva is a heavy favorite to overcome James Irvin. You may need to bet $500 to win $100 on Anderson Silva since he’s the heavy favorite. If you like the underdog, wager $100 on James Irvin and it would cover $350. The betting odds are a payout ratio and also you do not need to bet $100. Your wager will payout based on the payout ratio.
In MMA anything could happen. It only takes a single punch. That is why it’s so exciting to bet on MMA. The underdog always has a puncher’s chance. There have been some great underdog payouts and upsets in MMA. Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Mirko Cro Cop – who will forget that high kick to the head. Matt’The Terror’ Serra Vs George’Rush’ St. Pierre Part 1 – Superman punch and one of the biggest upsets in MMA. Quinton Rampage Jackson Vs Forrest Griffin – The UFC reality star turns champ in a grind out choice. The very best thing about the MMA is that the fights are fairer and transparent than boxing because many of the fights are ceased by knockout or submission. You can observe the activity right in front of you. The most fascinating thing is having action (i.e. a wager ) on all of the fighters around the card and yelling your head off in the bar with your friends or on a PPV on your big screen.

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